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Everyone has Time

to Listen Outside the Book



Don’t let them READ your book!
… Let them listen.

All Ears

Audiobooks are soaring in popularity.

In 1878 Thomas Edison laid down the track for the first ever spoken word recording with ‘Mary had a little lamb‘. Today there are over 440,000 audiobooks available on Audible. The Amazon top 100 lists often contain several audiobooks within its ranks and it is very common to see that several of the top bestsellers are audiobooks.

At least now you’ll have an excuse for the voices in your head.

What’s so special about Audiobooks?

• In 2019 audiobook sales totaled more than a Billion dollars in the US alone
• More than 65 million adults in the US have completed at least one audiobook in the last year, which is a 22% increase since 2015
• The increase in sales is driven in large part by a growing listening audience, largely due to the portability of audio
• Deloitte is predicting that the global market will grow by 25 per cent in 2020 to US$3.5 billion

That’s a pretty gosh-darn big pie. Wanna piece? Let’s make it so.


Say, Have You Heard Any Good Books Lately? Here are Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing Information

The prices for AudioBooks depend on two major factors:

1. The number of words in your book
2. Whether the narration is author-recorded or professionally narrated

We really do need to chat about your options and desires in order to give you a price quote. To make things easier we’ve set up a hastle-free fully refundable deposit that you can make, right now, to kick-off your audiobook. This Deposit begins the process of creating your audiobook to set you up with another marketing vertical. Go ahead and submit your deposit today.

Fully Refundable Deposit $1000 USD

Listen Up

Audiobooks are:

• Super convenient for everyone
• Excellent way to learn
• Perfect for repeatition of concepts and understanding
• Teaches us to listen better
• Don’t kill trees
• Increase the retention and retrieval of information
• Helps sharpen our vocabulary and pronounciation
• Highlights emotions better
• Help us with time management
• Audiobooks are affordable
• Audiobooks really register with people who may not have the time or inclination to pick up a print book

Now Hear This

Audiobooks, audiobooks. Everywhere audiobook. Due to the global pandemic, countless libraries and bookstores have closed, so more people are switching to digital audiobooks in order to pass the time in isolation. For many people audiobooks are becoming a habit which they’ll likely continue after COVID.

Fully Refundable Deposit $1000 USD

You know that audiobooks fit just about anywhere, right?

It’s only true that audiobooks can fit anywhere that an MP3 player can fit. People love ’em. Go back up and submit your deposit right away and let’s get your audiobook started.


Should you make an AudioBook version of your book?

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