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Need Marketing for Your Book?
That's What We Do!
In fact, HASMARK stands for the Heart And Soul of MARKeting. We have always and ONLY ever marketed books and authors.
99.9% success in making Best-Selling Authors
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Would you like your book edited by a Professional?
Editing is as much an art as it is a science. A 95 percent accuracy rate makes a respectable benchmark for editing, according to experts.

Our accuracy rate is 99% which is well above the industry standard.
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Online Learning
The New Author Program Shows You How To Write + Publish Your Book - Level 1
The Complete Author Program Shows How To Write + Publish + MARKET Your Book
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VIP Services
Let Us Provide You With VIP Services To Publish Your Book For You & Market It With You - So That Your Best-Seller Success Is 99.9% Guaranteed* And You Have The Time Of Your Life As You Grow Your Business And Brand!
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You keep...
Rights to Your Book:
Profit From Your Book:
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