What a beautiful way to teach children how to tap into the magical world of their imagination. Every parent should read Noonimals – First Day Of School to their child to prepare and reassure them for their big special day. This book will absolutely help to connect and relate to our little ones fears, open the doors to communication and create a strong bond and trust.”

~ Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author

Noonimals characters and books are stories that are created to help children overcome fears and concerns with imagination and adventure.

It is important for us to instill in our little ones that using their imagination is an essential key to creating their own reality. What great way to build confidence!

The child in each book visualizes themselves traveling on a magical train ride into another dimension where an exciting new breed of characters teaches them how to overcome obstacles.

Noonimals – First Day of School

Michelle’s worst fears came true the morning of her first day of school. She was afraid to start something new and wondered if her classmates would like her.

Join Michelle as she uses her imagination to journey into another dimension called “The Land of Noonimals.” Here an exciting new breed of characters teaches herthrough adventure, how much fun school can be.

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