Outrageously in Love is a visual memoir which pays tribute to Brad’s and Kike’s co-adunation.  The book gives readers the opportunity to get a glimpse of these men’s stories; through artistic pictures, quotes and writing.  Both Brad and Kike have their own rendition for the inspiration of the book, and why they wrote it. They both agree though, that love and learning from each other has been their best education and an imperative part of their lives together.

The idea of artistic photography coupled with stories of their lives, reads like a moving constellation of memories.  The reader will be mesmerized by images of these authors’ verves through; costume, makeup, dance, social functions, modeling, print ads, and of course some private moments; like watching the sunset together, dancing, laughing, acting silly and just having the time of their lives while no one is watching. Brad confesses, “some of our best moments have been when it’s just the two of us.”  Kike reminds us that his atypical nature, and unequivocal attitude towards everything he does in life, is why the book was created.  A memoir unto itself, is already a literary rendition of the story, and Brad was eager to write their story.  However, Kike insisted that photographs in the book was paramount; formulating a movie-esque sequence for the reader.   Through artistic photos and snapshots of their moments together, each story has adventure, a backstory, success stories and even some failures.

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