I’ll always remember the day my sister Carole asked me, “Ray, why would God call you to be a priest knowing that you’re gay?”

To live a “normal gay life” with a God of unconditional love, I needed a spirituality outside the religious box that I’d been born into. I needed to transcend that box and discover my true self.

My spiritual epiphany was possible when I saw my spiritual journey, not as the price I had to pay, but rather as the grace I was given to live it out. Over the years my spirituality has evolved into a daily mantra:

1. To accept myself
2. To respect others
3. To give gratitude to my Higher Power

To move forward and gain balance and harmony, my outlook and attitude shifted to that place of gratitude. I became thankful and proud of my life as a gay man and felt free to celebrate publicly that God truly loves me unconditionally. This structural framework for life has helped me transcend and enjoy a life of peace and happiness that so many long for in the midst of demanding lifestyles, injustices and longings of the heart.

This has become my life story as written about in this book.

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