Top Ten ‘Must-Haves’ For Your Book’s Killer Sales Page

  Even though it will live on forever (presumably) every book should have a sales page ready for its launch date. Ideally your book’s sales page should attract visitors and entice them to buy. Here are the elements to include on your book’s sales page: 1. A strong benefits-driven headline to make the reader want to know more. This is not the title of your book. This is about the benefits a reader will get […]

Why Does My Book Need A Sales Page?

Why? Well, to make money. You obviously make money by selling your book but you can also create a lasting relationship with the buyer that will translate into future sales. And that’s called ‘good marketing’. Sales Page Content: Your book’s sale page is your chance to convert a prospect into a customer. If ‘Marketing’ is where you get known, then ‘Sales’ is where you get paid. Now, first of all, there’s an excellent chance that […]