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YES! You can make a living doing what you LOVE…

Here’s The Step-By-Step Coaching Program that ensures Your Success As A Complete Author!

Whether it’s your first book or your twenty-first…

Whether you’re writing non-fiction or fiction…

Regardless of whether your book is already written or not even begun…

Write, Publish and Market Your Book For Yourself, But Not By Yourself…

You will now have the chance to use the exact same methods Peggy McColl uses to write, publish, and market her books to Best-Seller status!

It’s time to take your stories and ideas and turn them into a Best-Selling book that will change your life in the most incredible and positive ways!


Establish Credibility as An Expert

Becoming an author will give you instant credibility and expert status. Whether you are a coach, entrepreneur, or business owner, writing a book will give you a quantum leap in your respective field.

Leave Behind a Legacy

Your book will forever leave a tangible legacy to those you love and cherish after you have passed on from this earthly plane. Your words and wisdom will be passed on from future generation to generations.

Inspire and Motivate

There’s a story inside you that the world needs to hear. Your book will carry your message to those that need it most. You will inspire, motivate, and change the lives of others in the most incredible and positive way.

Increase Brand Awareness

Your book will become one of your greatest assets to build and grow your brand. This increase in brand awareness will help grow your business by increasing lead generation and, ultimately, revenue.

Open The Door to Opportunity

Becoming an author will open the door to a whole new world of opportunities. Whether it be speaking engagements, business opportunities, or even opportunities to have your book optioned for a Hollywood movie. The opportunities are endless.

The Complete Author Program

Solid, proven strategies to write, publish and market your book that you can begin putting into action right away…

Here’s the thing about The Complete Author Program…

Because it’s so intense and jam-packed with such a wealth of valuable take-it-to-the-bank information you won’t likely find anywhere else… And because some people might only be interested in becoming a best-selling author, with no desire for developing a business around it (most fiction writers come to mind, here)…

while others may have already taken my previous author programs and now want to discover how to develop a lucrative career and begin achieving some of their “loftier” business goals… The Complete Author Program is split into two primary components or “sections,”…

making it easier to absorb, and also giving you greater choice and flexibility:

The New Author Program

Where You Will Discover How To Write And Publish Your Book

Module 1: The Successful Writer’s Mindset

✔ Session 1: Connecting To Your WHY AND WHAT WOULD YOU LOVE (GOALS)

✔ Session 2: Author Be Aware/Myths

✔ Session 3: The Successful Author’s Power Life Script

✔ Session 4: Developing Confidence

✔ Session 5: Faith and Belief

✔ Session 6: Eliminating Negativity & Overcoming Obstacles

✔ Session 7: The Law of Vibration & Visualization Techniques


Module 2: The Writing and Publishing/Self-Publishing of Your Book

✔ Session 1: What to Know BEFORE Writing

✔ Session 2: Tapping Into Your Creativity

✔ Session 3: Choosing the Topic, Subject, and Theme for Your Book

✔ Session 4: Timing, Writing Schedules, and Dates for Completion

✔ Session 5: Different Genres & Different Formats

✔ Session 6: Preparing to Write

✔ Session 7: How to Choose a Winning Title, Sub-Title, and Book Covers

✔ Session 8: Creating An Outline For Your Book

✔ Session 9: Multiple Ways to “Write” Your Book

✔ Session 10: Writing Your Book

✔ Session 11: Recording Content to Create Your Book

✔ Session 12: Creating or Using Course Content to Create a Book

✔ Session 13: Ghost Writers

✔ Session 14: Collaborative Books

✔ Session 15: Repurpose Material AND Interviews to Create Content for Your Book

✔ Session 16: Working with an Editor

✔ Session 17: Legalities

✔ Session 18: Finishing Touches to Your Book

✔ Session 19: Self-Publish and/or Publish, Foreign Rights

✔ Session 20: Writing Fiction

✔ Session 21: Valuable Lessons Learned From Writing My Own Fiction Book

The New Best-Seller Program

Where You Will Discover How To Promote Your Book And Make It A Best-Seller

Module 1: Believe In Your Best-Seller Destiny

✔ Session 1: The Mindset of a Successful Best-Selling Author 

✔ Session 2: Best-Seller Goals

✔ Session 3: Unstoppable Confidence On Stage (And Off)

✔ Session 4: Visualization Techniques to Clearly See & Manifest Your Best-Seller

✔ Session 5: The Power Life Script for the Best-Selling Author


Module 2: Building The Best-Seller Foundation

✔ Session 1: Building a Powerful Online Presence

✔ Session 2: Your Unique Brand

✔ Session 3: Building Your Platform

✔ Session 4: Social Media Techniques to Succeed

✔ Session 5: The Many Ways to Bring Greater Value

✔ Session 6: Publicity Secrets


Module 3: Your Amazon + International Best-Seller

✔ Session 1: What is The Amazon Best Seller Achievement?

✔ Session 2: The Best-Seller Process

✔ Session 3: Copywriting for Promotional Purposes

✔ Session 4: Getting Others On Board to Support You

✔ Session 5: The Book Launch Marketing Launch Funnel Success Model

✔ Session 6: Recommendations for After Your Best-Seller Launch / Campaign


Module 4: Your New York Times Best-Seller

✔ Session 1: The New York Times Best Seller Strategy

✔ Session 6: Recommendations for After Your Best-Seller Launch / Campaign


Marketing, Social Media & Revenue Magic

✔ Revenue Earning Opportunities for Authors
✔ Social Media Magic


This entire program is highly organized and highly comprehensive.

Therefore, it is recommended you follow each step and take action immediately on each one as you navigate your way … that way, and you will create immediate momentum that follows you through all the way to the end of “the yellow brick road…”

In addition to the step-by-step lessons… “Ask the Experts” calls and subjects. Each call will be up to an hour in duration. Please note this will be an open Q&A call based on the subject/theme of the call so that you can prepare your questions:


Call #1 – meet Judy O’Beirn, CEO & President of Hasmark Publishing

Writing /editor will support the call. A graphic designer will be on call to talk about creating a jaw dropping book cover.

Call #2 – Branding – you, social branding & social media

Branding is one of the most critical steps toward getting you ready to announce your new book, new business, new website. How do you stand out from the rest? Social branding needs to be in alignment with the brand you wish to create for yourself. How to present yourself on social media and what channels to use

Call #3 – meet the Publishing team

We will answer all questions related to publishing. What is the best formatting option for my book based on genre? How to upload effectively to KDP.

Call #4 – Marketing

One of the most important aspects of getting your book out into the world and creating a groundswell of purchasing!! Are you ready to present to the media? If not, we will help you too.

Call #5 – Bestseller campaign, Augmented reality, websites/sales page

We have turned thousands of books into International Bestsellers, many to go on to become New York Times bestsellers, and we have worked with Peggy McColl, Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Bob Proctor, and so many more. We are the first publisher in the world to bring Augmented Reality to our books Have you considered a website or sales page, and why or do you need it?

Call #6 – Publishing

This is a wrap-up call with members of the Hasmark family to ensure your satisfaction and completion of the steps. Questions are answered in respect to getting your book published and marketed. Bonus call – Coffee chat – Hasmark hosts a monthly coffee chat call where we invite Experts from around the world to discuss subjects anywhere from Branding, to Marketing, to talking to the Media, How to pitch to the media, Legal, Peggy McColl, speaking in public, how to stand out in a crowded world, and so much more.

 Don’t forget about the bonuses…

An Invitation to Hasmark’s private Facebook group with like-minded authorprenuers. The Art of publishing report Fear Factor report


On top of The Complete Author Program, The New Best-Seller Program, and 6 months of LIVE Q&A – the following will be available to you…

Get Your Program Done

Create Multiple Streams of Revenue Generating Assets

✔ Session 1: The Process of Creating A Program

✔ Session 2: Examples of Successful Programs PLUS Picking “The Big Idea”

✔ Session 3: Your Program Takes Form

✔ Session 4: Creating Your Program Content

✔ Session 5: Using Audio In Your Program

✔ Session 6: Using Webinars To Deliver Your Program

✔ Session 7: Publishing Your Program Online For Customer Access

✔ Session 8: Testing Your Offer And Preparing For Launch


eBook Marketing Magic

Create and Publish A Short eBook To Explode Your Marketing

✔ Session 1: Laying The Foundation

✔ Session 2: Title, Sub-title & Main Message for Your eBook

✔ Session 3: The Writing Part

✔ Session 4: The Final Touches to Your eBook


The Creation of Savy Wisdom

A Behind The Scenes Look At Peggy’s 19th Book

✔ The Creation of Savy Wisdom

✔ The Promotion of Savy Wisdom


Some More Bonus Training

Making You The Complete Author

✔ From the Stage to the Page

✔ From the Page to the Stage

✔ Conversation with a Legal Authority

✔ Special Call with Banafsheh

✔ Conversation with a “Book Architect”

✔ Research Tool for Fiction Writing

✔ Book Launch Marketing Template – One-Click Book Marketing Funnel

✔ The Manifestation Tool Box


This is the most comprehensive author program available anywhere, by anyone in the industry…

Not only will The Complete Author Program show you how to become a successful best-selling author, but it will also show you how to become a successful best-selling author with a thriving business that generates life-changing revenue.


Are YOU Ready?


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