bestseller success stories

Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford & Marianne Williamson 

"Judy O'Beirn and her team at Hasmark Services are by far the best in the online book marketing business. In all my years of launching eight books, four of them New York Times bestsellers, I have never encountered the likes of Hasmark Services. They are hard-working, professional, wise and committed, and I cannot recommend them highly enough for anybody who wants to have a successful book launch. They are the epitome of excellence and professionalism. Hire them."

~ Debbie Ford 
Co-Author of The Shadow Effect, NY Times Bestseller

Deepak Chopra  

"You're the best! Love and thanks for getting Muhammad on the New York Times bestseller list"

~ Deepak Chopra
NY Times bestseller

Marci Shimoff

"Woo-hoo!! We did it. Thanks to your extraordinary support, Love for No Reason debuted at… (drum–roll please) #3 on the New York Times Bestseller List! Fabulous, fantastic, and phenomenal. I am thrilled."

~ Marci Shimoff
 #1 NY Times bestselling author,
 Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” 

Marci Shimoff

"Judy O'Beirn and her entire team bring their hearts and souls to every project to create extraordinary marketing campaigns.  Thanks to their tremendous expertise and enthusiasm, the paperback version of Happy for No Reason hit the New York Times bestseller list 3 weeks in a row.  They were an absolute delight to work with, and I am thrilled with the fantastic results they’ve produced."

            ~ Marci Shimoff 
#1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Judith Orloff MD

Thanks to Judy and her lovely amazing team for helping Emotional Freedom hit the New York Times Bestseller list!"

~ Dr. Judith Orloff

Peggy McColl

"Judy O'Beirn and the Heart and Soul Marketing Team have launched multiple best seller promotional campaigns for my books and EVERY single one resulted in international best sellers!  They are simply THE best in the world at online book promotion.  Their commitment to excellence is refreshing and best of all, it produces extraordinary results.  I highly recommend Judy and her dynamic team. "

~ Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling  Author of 
Your Destiny Switch

Gregg Braden

in co-ordination with Hay House Publishing

Thank you for your continued support and your participation in Gregg Bradens recent book launch of The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.  With your help, Gregg’s book hit #12 on the New York Times Bestseller list!” 

Jerry & Esther Hicks

in co-ordination with Hay House Publishing at

We so appreciate your role in making our latest book, Money, and the Law of Attraction, #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list

~ Jerry & Esther Hicks
Money and the Law of Attraction

Janet Bray Attwood & Chris Attwood

"The secret is out ... To ensure a successful email campaign when launching your book, turn to the amazing talent of Judy O’Beirn at www.hasmarkservices.coml!"

~ Janet Bray Attwood & Chris Atwood
Authors of The Passion Test

Roxanne Emmerich 

Absolutely work with Judy. She is amazing, she does what she says she’s going to do and more. There are always a few partners in life that make your life so easy and great….she’s one of those. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been amazing and I’m so loving your continued effort. You absolutely rock!!!!!” 

~ Roxanne Emmerich
New York Times Bestseller

Cynthia Sass

Cinch! hit #3 on the New York Times Bestseller list

Ilchi Lee

 " Thank you Hasmark Services and all of our partners that made this result possible! #2 on the NY Times bestseller list and #128 on the USA Today bestseller list"

~ Ilchi Lee
Author of The Call of Sedona, Journey of the Heart

Arielle Ford 

"Thank you for once again partnering with me for a brilliant and successful book launch for Wabi Sabi Love. I am thrilled with the results as is my publisher, Harper One!" 

~ Arielle Ford 

Barbara Marx Hubbard

"What an evolutionary adventure we have embarked upon! Building the Birth 2012 campaign has been the fulfillment of my life work. Your support of it through promoting Birth 2012 and Beyond has filled my heart with gratitude. We reached #4 overall on Amazon and #1 in Personal Transformation, which really required the co-creative support of all of you! I spoke with my grandson, who works in publishing, he was astonished by his Grandma! You have done a wonderful service to help in this campaign towards birthing a new era. I hope that you are blessed many times over as a result! I look forward to seeing you in person in the future to give you my personal, heartfelt gratitude for your support.  It's an incredible thing for me, an 82-year-old woman, to feel like I'm giving my best gifts now.  And I couldn't do it without your support and partnership."

~ Barbara  Marx Hubbard 

Jack Canfield & William Gladstone

"It has been a pleasure working with Hasmark Services on the bestseller campaign for The Golden Motorcycle Gang. Everyone at Hasmark is a delight to deal with and they demonstrate a level of professionalism which guarantees the  maximum success in contacting  and  creating partners for their campaigns. I highly recommend their services and know you will enjoy working with them."

William Gladstone
co-author The Motorcycle Gang, author of The Twelve, producer of the film Tapping The Source

Judith Orloff, MD

The team at Hasmark is wonderful! Thank you for giving my book The Ecstasy of Surrender such an incredible send off into the world!

- Judith Orloff MD
New York Times bestselling Author

Arielle Ford - The Soulmate Secret (Paperback)

"Thanks to the extremely talented team of Hasmark Services my book reached #1 on 7 bestseller lists at and made it to #11 at The results have exceeded my expectations and made me a very happy bestselling author!"

- Arielle Ford

Boni Lonnsburry – The Map

"My experience with Hasmark for the launch of my book, “The Map – To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True” has been nothing short of wonderful.

Not only did my book receive bestseller status, but international status as well! Judy and the wonderful team she has assembled, handled the launch beautifully, and even came to my rescue when the parts I was “supposed” to handle proved to be too much for my staff.

Their professionalism, warmth and dedication to my launch were simply top notch. I am now writing my next book and Hasmark will handle that launch as well (only ALL the pieces from the start this time!).

I recommend Hasmark unequivocally. They are experts in this business!"

 - Boni Lonnsburry

Micheline Nader - The Dolphin's Dance

"Judy O'Beirn and the Hasmark Services team were not only a pleasure to work with but they achieved great results! With their help, I went from a first-time author to an international best seller. From a thorough interview at the start of the process, they were able to develop marketing materials that dramatically boosted my launch. I would highly recommend Hasmark Services to bring your book to the next level!"

~ Micheline Nader, International bestselling 
author of The Dolphin's Danc

Terry Wahls, M.D. - The Wahls Protocol

"Thank you Hasmark team for your dedication, hard work and passion.  Thank you for excellent expertise in marketing, copy writing and design work to make for an excellent and effective campaign. With your help The Wahls Protocol was a Publisher's Weekly Bestseller and an international bestseller."

- Terry Wahls MD 

Daniel Parmeggiani – The Magnificent Truths

"I really enjoyed working with Hasmark Services on the best seller campaign for "The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence." Everyone at Hasmark was courteous and professional and they delivered great results for my book, as it became an Amazon international bestseller. I highly recommend their services." 

- Daniel Parmeggiani

Robert Bloch author of My Warren Buffett Bible

"I am absolutely AMAZED at how well my book has sold around the world-especially Germany!!!    And now it will also be published in German and Japanese.   Thank you so much for all your hard work.   You are true marketing masters!   I never in a million years would have thought my simple little book would have been so successful! "

 - Robert Bloch

Judy Fridono - Ricochet

"Thank you to Hasmark for helping to launch my book Ricochet. It went to #46 on Amazon's best seller list within 12 hours! As Ricochet would say... Paw-abunga!"

 - Judy Fridono

Robert Pascuzzi – The Ravine

"A heart felt "Thank You" for your tremendous efforts in making my first book launch a success! Judy, I found your team to be very diligent, professional, and responsive in preparing for the launch - most importantly the day of the launch. I would highly recommend the team at Hasmark to anyone looking to promote their book and expand their reach - well done Hasmark!! "

Robert Pascuzzi Author of "The Ravine Book"

Barb Schmidt - The Practice

"Thank you to the entire Hasmark team for making my book launch a success.  Your expertise, dedication and enthusiasm were amazing.  With your help, The Practice is an international Amazon best seller. "

- Barb Schmidt author of The Practice

Pisey Leng ~ The Wisdom Seeker

"Thank You and your wonderful team at Hasmark Services. All that I have achieved for the launch of my book could not be possible without your help and expertise."

~ Pisey Leng, International Bestselling author of The Wisdom Seeker

Karina Calver - A Girl’s Faith

"It has been a dream creating this book and having Hasmark publishing it with and providing the support needed has been brilliant! "

- Karina Calver, International Bestselling author of A Girl’s Faith

Emmanuel Dagher - Easy Breezy Miracle

"It has been an absolute privilege to collaborate with Judy and her amazing team on the book launch of my first book Easy Breezy Miracle. Their dedication and attention to detail goes beyond the call of duty, and I am deeply grateful for their support.If you would like to open up the doors to getting your message out through your book, I highly recommend you connect with the team at Hasmark and allow them to support you in making your dreams come true! "

- Emmanuel Dagher, Best-Selling Author & Transformation Specialist