publishing success stories

"Self-publishing just got EASIER! Let the stellar team at Hasmark do it for you. Their service is fast, easy and well-priced."

~ Arielle Ford
Bestselling Author of Love on the Other Side

Oh My God!!!! That’s Awesome! Thank you so much!!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for having you all in my life. I am blessed! Grateful. I would like to thank everyone who helped me and supported me on this journey of writing and publishing my book. Most of all making it a BEST SELLER!!!! I am truly grateful for each and everyone of you! I believe our children need to be surrounded by more positive information and with everyone’s help we can."

~ Timothia Sellers-Hogan
Bestselling author of The Wonderful Adventures of Woodrow the Cat

"Thank you Judy O’Beirn and the team at Hasmark Publishing for your unwavering magical guidance in publishing my book "I Am Winning, A Guide to Personal Empowerment.  I am truly honoured to support Hearts to be Heard."

~ Natalie Glebova
Bestselling author, Former Miss Universe and Empowerist

“Thank you Judy O’Beirn and the wonderful women who work with you at Hasmark. I am so very grateful for your honesty, dedication, guidance and support… you truly went above and beyond anything I expected!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

~ Jenny Jahnke,
Author of Lily Finds Hope

"Spirit of Gratitude is my 10th published book. With hand on heart, I can state that Judy has done more for me than any publisher I've worked with in the past."

~ George Jerijan
Author ofSpirit of Gratitude

"Thanks so much to you, Judy, and the entire team at Hasmark Publishing for helping me become an International Bestseller!
 It was a pleasure working with you too. I`m working on my second novel now, and I look forward to working again with you for my next book launch. Thanks again for everything."

~ Brice Mbonde
Bestselling Author of Apollon Sower: and the Ensorcelled Scroll

"I wanted to take this opportunity to write an email to thank you. Sometimes in the midst of all the hecticness, we forget about the people who are doing so much for us behind the scenes.
I want to say that your presence in my life over the last two years with The Cappuccino Chronicles trilogy, has been a success because of people like you in my life. I don't know if I have said thank you enough and let you know how much The OAO and I appreciate everything you do for us. You¹re a rock star!! I look forward to working with you more and more as we continue to shorten the gap between Canada and Asia."

~ Pashmina P.
International Bestselling Author of The Cappuccino Chronicles Trilogy:
 The Cappuccino Chronicles, Mocha Madness, Endless Espressos

"Hasmark Publishing and the amazing team they assembled aided me through the publication process from beginning to end. It was so exciting to watch my manuscript manifest into a beautiful children’s book with colour illustrations of exceptional print quality. I love being in creative control with the added benefit of my publisher’s solid advice and support. Thank you, Hasmark Publishing!"

~ Colleen Aynn
#1 International Bestselling Author, Professional Stage Coach

“It has been a dream creating this book and having Hasmark publishing it with and providing the support needed has been brilliant!”

~ Karina Calver
International Bestselling author of A Girl’s Faith

“I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU and your marvellous team for helping me achieve my dream of becoming an author. You and your team made this process so easy for me and you always delivered on what you said you would (following up with me whenever I was slack in providing you with what you needed). We met the goal of having my book released by the PGI Training and I have so far had so many positive comments on the book cover design. Thank you for being a part of my journey in making this happen."

~ Suzana Mihajlovic
Author of Your2Minds

“As a first time author I was at a loss of where to start.  That is when I contacted Judy O’Beirn and her team at Hasmark Publishing!  They walked me through every step of the way, always answering my questions promptly!  If you’re looking for an AMAZING publisher look no further!  Hasmark is your answer!  THANK YOU to YOU and your ENTIRE team!  My book looks AMAZING!“

~ Cindy Schneiderman 
Author of Mama, Will God Still Love Me?

“Thank you so much Judy and the beautiful team at Hasmark for your graceful guidance with my first book! The time you took to accommodate my requests and make it perfect is invaluable. I cannot wait to work with you again!”

~Jen Trussell
Author of But, Where is Heaven?

“I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to Hasmark for the critical part they played in bringing my book, “A Unique Renegade” into the world as a best seller. I have gotten numerous compliments on the appearance and layout of the book thanks to the awesome attention to detail of Judy and her team. Thank you so much Hasmark, and I know I will be releasing another one soon.”

 ~ Mike Tate 
Author of A Unique Renegade

“Thank you for believing in me, thank you for helping me, thank you for hearing me, thank you for guiding me, thank you for understanding me, thank you for teaching me, thank you for letting me be ME. Thank your for everything you have done for me and for everything you do every day in helping people and making their dreams come through and helping them remember who they really are and bringing that into focus. You are amazing light workers!”

~ Igor – SF Walker 
International Best Selling Author of ‘The World Through My Eyes’.

I can’t say it enough, You guys are AMAZING and I am so Happy and Grateful to have been lead to you!!! My Best Buddy  Forever With Me! Activity Book you have created has taken something that I have been waiting to do and helped me to remove the doubt!  I appreciate and love each and every activity!!! I was imagining children doing them as I was looking through it and I am honored to have my name on something so beautiful!!!  Thanks so much for your help!!”

~ Lynn Dunn
Author of My Best Buddy is Forever With Me!

“Hasmark Publishing has blessed me beyond measure.  The work these ladies did for me still humbles and amazes me at the same time.  I am so grateful I chose them to help me publish my first book.  Thank you, Judy.  Thank you, Jenn.  Thank you, Anne. Thank you, Hasmark Publishing.  I am forever grateful.” 

~ Julie Smithwick
Author of I Love Seeds

“Judy O’Beirn and the Hasmark crew, what an amazing experience! Being a first time author you not only cared for my book, but, for me as well. Your expertise and excellence is a comfort to the author. I get to have fun writing and you make it amazing! I cannot begin to share the gratitude in my heart for all you do! Thank you for an amazing experience! I look forward to more adventures with you!”

~ Dana Williams
International Best Selling Author

“You are amazing! Thank you so much!!

You have all been a dream to work with and explained so much, I feel truly blessed!!” 

~ Natalie McChlery
Bestselling Author 'Be Patient Circe'

“Writing a book for the first time feels like an unreachable dream. Finding a publisher alone can get you down the discouraging path. I’m so glad I have been introduced to Hasmark! It’s SO easy working with them. Best of all, they help you get the best work out in the world. My sister and I never even felt what they call “the hardships of being a published author”.

We give so much gratitude and appreciation to Hasmark for being part of our journey!”

~ Charm Fernandez