self-help books

Help yourself to Self-Help

We have published several awesome authors and here are their books.

Destinies: Motivating Stories From Ordinary People...
Love on the Other Side
Get Radical
Cracks with Gold
The Millionaire Author
Rise Above
I Am Winning
The More I Learn, The More I Love
Spirit of Gratitude
Transforming Vibes
Big Girl's Pants
How to Change Your Life in Six Days
The Sun Within
15 Stories, One Bob
Your 2 Minds
Get Up: I Can't. I Will. I Did... Here's How!
Conversations With Rodney: Volume 1, Unchained: Breaking Free of Your Own Prisons
Journey: An Outlined Path to Fulfillment
Whiskey & Yoga
A Unique Renegade
Architect of Being
The Ideal Love Relationship
A Hunter Out of Africa
Escaping from a Prison if you don't know you're in one
Get in a Good Mood & Stay There
A Path to Abundance
Magnetic Love
The Grey Dance of Love
Magic Words
Cultural Brilliance
The Athena Prodigies
A Girl's Faith