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Which of the following do you most need help with?

You could be at any stage of writing:
      1. I haven't even started but I have a great idea
      2. I have an outline done but I don't know where to begin writing
      3. I have a manuscript - now what?

No matter where you are in your creative process, Hasmark will help you get your book done. Go ahead and contact us now to set up a time to chat with Judy.
It is very common for writers (even experienced writers) to feel the natural fears the come with putting your precious creativity 'out there' for the world to see.

We understand.

No matter where you are in your creative process, Hasmark will evaluate your manuscript to ensure that it is the best it can be.

Go ahead and contact us now to set up a time to chat with Judy.
Every book is different and there are a whole host of elements that can go into your book. The process can be every bit as daunting as the decisions and considerations you'll need to make.

We are specialists in the entire publishing process. It may be daunting - but not with us.

Select the publishing option that you need for your book
  1. I have a fiction/non fiction book that is ready to be published
    • Pricing includes editing, cover design, proof reading, layout in paperback & kindle, and publish.
  2. I have a children’s book that needs to be illustrated
    • Pricing includes editing, cover design, layout in hard cover or paperback, and publish.
  3. I have a children’s book that is illustrated but needs to be published
    • Pricing includes editing, layout in hard cover or paperback, and publish.
  4. I have an manuscript that I would like to created and published on Kindle
    • Pricing includes editing, cover design, layout and publish.
Prices vary depending on the size of the book, # of words, level of editing required, if images, book formatting. To receive your personalized and informative Proposal please send an email to judy@hasmarkpublishing.com or fill in the contact form.
Bestsellers is what we do. In fact, it separates us from the herd. It's no coincidence that 100% of authors who signed up with Hasmark to be bestsellers - were successful!

As an author, being a bestseller adds significantly to your authority and credibility.
  1. We will publish Your Bestseller. Sign up for any one of our publishing packages above
  2. We can provide support for your bestseller campaign with the following:
    • An incredible tool that will keep you on track to be ready for the day you will become a Bestselling author
    • Tips on how to gain support to market your book to other networks
    • Pricing includes a book sales page that is attractive for consumers
    • Bonus gift page and preview page to entice consumers to buy on the day of your launch
    • Sample of copy provided for you to be (or we can write it for you at an additional charge)
    • Tips on how to track your bestseller rankings (we can track for you)
    • Bestseller badge
If you wish to engage Hasmark to create your bestseller now is the time for you to reach out to judy@hasmarkpublishing and let’s get started on making your dream a reality.
We have experiences in all areas of getting your book written to published to getting on the Bestseller list, even creating an appealing website or sales page for you and/or your business
  1. Cover design– up to 3 designs to choose from
    • For a print book – includes design for front and back cover and in template
    • For an ebook – front cover only
  2. Proofreading is checking that the book is ready to be published; to ensure the message is clear and concise and the book is written specifically to the target audience. We're making sure all the parts are in place and in the proper order and any remaining spelling or punctuation errors have been corrected.
  3. Editing
    • Level I Edit: We're looking for accuracy, clarity and consistency in a manuscript. Spelling, punctuation and basic sentence structure are check at this stage.
    • Level II Edit: Besides checking spelling, punctuation and sentence structure the editor looks for content flow, language, style and presentation of the manuscript - keeping in mind the book's intended purpose and audience.
    • Level III Edit: This level of editing is particularly suitable for authors looking for more help with polishing their manuscript. Not to be confused with ghostwriting, at this level the editor will likely perform extensive rewriting, content additions, deletions and manuscript-surgery. You can write a wonderful book even if English is not your first language or your writing skills are not strong.
  4. Ghostwriting: In order to properly write your book, a ghost writer will need to interview you about your subject matter and back-and-forth communication will be required. Even so, this process still saves you a lot of time.
  5. Book Formatting
    • PDF version of your book edited and formatted
    • Hard cover formatting
    • Paperback formatting
    • Kindle formatting
  6. Publication of your book
    • Your book is all done and now you ned support uploading and releasing for publication
  7. Illustrations for your children’s books
    • Beautiful Illustrations for books targeted for children aged 0 to infinity.
    • Illustrations can be designed specifically for the characters in your book.
  8. Creating an activity book for as a gift
    • Want a fun, free gift for the youngsters? It can be printed and provided for great entertainment
    • Are you publishing a children’s book and looking for just the right gift to engage the kids, consider creating an activity book to accompany your book.
  9. A Smartphone APP for your business or book
    • Affordable but superior
    • When you work with Hasmark and our App development partner for designing and developing your IOS app you get a number of benefits: access to expecperened and skilled IiPhone app developers; an affordable pricing scheme; access to an associate project manager; and complete control over your project.
  10. Appealing Author's Website
  11. Your book's Sales Page

ISBN Assignment

Worldwide Distribution on Amazon

100% of Royalties are YOURS

Amazon See Inside the Book

Your Book is always in stock with Print On Demand (POD)

Author Central Account set up & Link to Book

Ebook Formatting & Distribution

Cover Design for eBook & Website

Cover-to-Cover Proof Reading

Book Editing

Copies of your book sent to you after published

Sold on Barnes&Noble.com

Sold on Indiebound

Sold on 800ceoread.com

Cover Design for Print

Personalized Back Cover Copy

Interior Book Design

Image Insertions / Text Treatments

B&W Interior, Color Cover


Bestseller Campaign

Valuable tips for marketing your book, building your list, organizing your bestseller campaign, copy samples &  more based on our extensive years (97% success rate) in this business. Value is priceless.

We are accepting a limited number of sign ups for these campaign levels at this exceptional price!


eBook ONLY


eBook ONLY is $3,495* usd if paid in full or 2 options of $1,835* ea (2nd pymts due 30 days)**


Publish Your Book



Publish Your Book

 is $6,495* usd if paid in full or 2 options of $3,409* ea  

 (2nd pymt due 30 days)**


Publish Your Bestseller



Publish Your Bestseller  is $10,995* usd if paid in full or 2 options of $5,772* ea  

 (2nd pymt due 30 days)**


Fully Illustrated



Illustration to align with interior

Illustration to align with front & interior

Color optional

10 fully illustrated pages, 2 characters developed; add'l available upon request

Publish Your Children's Book  is $5,995* usd if paid in full or 2 options of $3,147* ea  

 (2nd pymt due 30 days)**

Hasmark is filling a rare but much needed space in the industry by being a great hybrid; a vanity publisher that cares about the quality of the books it produces.  It feels incredibly good when someone likes your book enough to accept it – I’m proud you’re happy to work with me.  For a  writer to be selected, even if they are paying, by a quality publisher, is truly wonderful. I know, that’s what you did with me.  Getting a letter of acceptance is a big deal! If you knew how much you made my day with the message you sent earlier with those lovely comments, you’d be amazed! ” ~ Lynne Fay