Legal Zoom Recording

To Our Book Family,

Welcome to our ‘Legal Recordings with Banafsheh Akhlaghi’.  Banafsheh generously shared a lot of legal information/advice with us during this zoom call so in order to ensure it stays within the Hasmark Book Family, we have password protected this page.


We did send all zoom-call participants an email on April 14th, 2020  that included the link and the current password to access this page so if you did not receive it, click here to email Jenn, and just let her know you want the password to the legal page and it would be great if you can also include how you found this page (whether you were on the call, and/or a member of our book family/client of HPI or other 🙂


Banafsheh has generously agreed to set up regular zoom calls so that she can answer all of our legal questions and in return she (and us at Hasmark) are asking that you please not share  this website link, the password or the video itself. If you know someone who would like to be on the call, please just email Jenn as that is not a problem, we just want to track who is on the calls.


We have also set up the HPI* ♥ Virtual Coffee Chats on another page; please click below to see those recordings (not password protected 🙂

We will be posting all future recordings here as well, so please feel free to bookmark this page, however, the password will expire within 30 days so you don’t need to keep a record of that; we will send you the new password after each video is posted here.


If you have any questions, comments, issues with the video, issues with the password or feedback, please email Jenn 🙂

Thank you

~ The Hasmark Publishing International Team