Ursula Perl

I would like to thank Judy and her whole amazing team for the great collaboration. My book “Live the U.P. Way – 7 ways to live the happy life you deserve” would never have become an international bestseller without you. When we met for the first time (via zoom call), I knew immediately that I would follow my book path with you. I felt heard, understood and respected from the very first second. You have […]

Mouna Saquaque

Hello Hasmark Publishing International team, I wanted to thank you all for the incredible work you have been doing for me. From your professionalism to making me accountable for making this book happen. From your flexibility to the education and great information you gave me on this field. I know we are not at launch date yet, but still am very thankful and grateful for all the amazing work (and people) that I have received […]

Maria Steuer

“Hi Judy, Hi Pashmina, Hi Danielle, Hi Dave, Hi Jenn, Hi Jenna, Hi Amanda, Hi Kathryn, Hi Anne and all unknown supporters. I hope you are doing as wonderful as I! You all experience such miracles much more often than I do. For me it is a miracle that my book has received such great rankings in so many countries and categories. I still can’t believe and have not yet reached the reality that with your […]