Kelly Vurinaris

It has been such a pleasure to share my book journey with Judy and her first class team.  As a new author I didn’t know what to expect, but through their guidance and collaboration it was an amazing process.  I was able to work with them and feel as if my ideas and voice were heard to complete my vision for my Children’s book.  I’m so glad I found Hasmark Publishing International.

Katia Stern

Have you ever wanted to write a book? I bet you have! And I bet you are scared! I was for sure! And you are stuck forever between having this burning desire to become an author and the fear of not knowing how to start, how to proceed and how to publish! And all of a sudden you meet your fairy God mother Judy, who in every letter reminds you to “enjoy your journey” and […]

Michael A. Munnings

It was certainly a pleasure working with you all during this journey. You’ve made another of my ‘dreams come true’ and, I’m eternally grateful for your professionalism & responsiveness, as well as your personable & insightful team, in helping me realize this passion of mine. Keep doing what you do team Hasmark … your work continues to bring the dreams of the world’s minds to reality!