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November 12, 2019-Noonimals, First Day of School-Dalandra Young

What a beautiful way to teach children how to tap into the magical world of their imagination. Every parent should read Noonimals – First Day Of School to their child to prepare and reassure them for their big special day. This book will absolutely help to connect and relate to our little ones fears, open the doors to communication and create a strong bond and trust.”

~ Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author

Noonimals characters and books are stories that are created to help children overcome fears and concerns with imagination and adventure.

It is important for us to instill in our little ones that using their imagination is an essential key to creating their own reality. What great way to build confidence!

The child in each book visualizes themselves traveling on a magical train ride into another dimension where an exciting new breed of characters teaches them how to overcome obstacles.

Noonimals – First Day of School

Michelle’s worst fears came true the morning of her first day of school. She was afraid to start something new and wondered if her classmates would like her.

Join Michelle as she uses her imagination to journey into another dimension called “The Land of Noonimals.” Here an exciting new breed of characters teaches herthrough adventure, how much fun school can be.


November 19, 2019-Warrior of the Rainbow-Ray Buteau

I’ll always remember the day my sister Carole asked me, “Ray, why would God call you to be a priest knowing that you’re gay?”

To live a “normal gay life” with a God of unconditional love, I needed a spirituality outside the religious box that I’d been born into. I needed to transcend that box and discover my true self.

My spiritual epiphany was possible when I saw my spiritual journey, not as the price I had to pay, but rather as the grace I was given to live it out. Over the years my spirituality has evolved into a daily mantra:

1. To accept myself
2. To respect others
3. To give gratitude to my Higher Power

To move forward and gain balance and harmony, my outlook and attitude shifted to that place of gratitude. I became thankful and proud of my life as a gay man and felt free to celebrate publicly that God truly loves me unconditionally. This structural framework for life has helped me transcend and enjoy a life of peace and happiness that so many long for in the midst of demanding lifestyles, injustices and longings of the heart.

This has become my life story as written about in this book.


November 20, 2019-The Art of Trying-Benita Bensch

The Art of Trying is a must read for anyone struggling to fulfill their dreams of starting a family. Not only does this book provide guidance and hope, it offers a true glimpse into all aspects around the challenging journey of infertility. Benita shares her raw and authentic account throughout the book, reminding us that we are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This book offers both insight and experience from a fertility warrior as well as emotional support to anyone who may be affected by infertility.

Benita Bensch is a mother of four, Australian farmer and entrepreneur who believes in the power of vulnerability through storytelling to start and shape meaningful conversations. She is passionate about supporting and empowering women, and facilitates authentic discussion around painful topics encountered on the journey of motherhood.

“Benita relays the all-important narrative of the reality of infertility. Her raw honesty and gentle advice will undoubtedly bring comfort to many, many women.”

– Lucy Coffin, Fertility Therapist, UK

“There is no battle more painful, private and lonely than that of the road to conception. I absolutely take my hat off to Benita for tackling this topic, front on.”

– Shanna Whan, Rural Personality & Founder of Sober in the Country, Australia


November 30, 2019-Claiming Your Voice-Kathy Rose

What’s the cost of NOT being the author of your life? What did it feel like when you stood up for yourself and found your “NO” voice? Have you ever felt sad, angry, frustrated, or powerless? Does it sometimes seem like everyone but you has success in their life?

If you’ve ever felt this way, Claiming Your Voice is for you. It takes shifting your mindset, a little knowledge and, of course, speaking up; these are the keys to creating the life of your dreams.

In Claiming Your Voice, you can expect to learn how to: • Be the author of your life by using your voice
• Change your beliefs to empower yourself
• Invite change and become the hero of your life

• Design the future you desire
• Share your story and inspire change through forgiveness


December 3, 2019-Outrageously in Love-Brad Hays & Kike Yamakawa

Outrageously in Love is a visual memoir which pays tribute to Brad’s and Kike’s co-adunation.  The book gives readers the opportunity to get a glimpse of these men’s stories; through artistic pictures, quotes and writing.  Both Brad and Kike have their own rendition for the inspiration of the book, and why they wrote it. They both agree though, that love and learning from each other has been their best education and an imperative part of their lives together.

The idea of artistic photography coupled with stories of their lives, reads like a moving constellation of memories.  The reader will be mesmerized by images of these authors’ verves through; costume, makeup, dance, social functions, modeling, print ads, and of course some private moments; like watching the sunset together, dancing, laughing, acting silly and just having the time of their lives while no one is watching. Brad confesses, “some of our best moments have been when it’s just the two of us.”  Kike reminds us that his atypical nature, and unequivocal attitude towards everything he does in life, is why the book was created.  A memoir unto itself, is already a literary rendition of the story, and Brad was eager to write their story.  However, Kike insisted that photographs in the book was paramount; formulating a movie-esque sequence for the reader.   Through artistic photos and snapshots of their moments together, each story has adventure, a backstory, success stories and even some failures.

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