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Upcoming Book Campaigns

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July 30, 2019-Michelle Tanmizi-Late Dawn

It is a hot day in Old India in the year 4793, outside of Ajjipura. Aarav is late for school. As he runs past rice and crop fields,he notices that the thick bushes and trees at both ends of the fields are swaying wildly and it looks like something large is creating the movement…

In the year 4848, Mother Nature is no longer on the side of humanity. She seems intent to take humans out of the equation,one disaster at a time. Animals are not what they used to be. They are giant, angry beasts that want to reclaim territory lost to human habitation over the years.

Marra Stollen is a Sympathiser, a field agent working for the Coalition for Animal and EnvironmentalProtection.She thinks this is all she is and will ever be. But as the situation unfolds, she slowly discovers her true identity and what she is destined to become. What is the secret to her existence?Will it be enough to stop Man’s last act of destruction before it is too late.


August 6, 2019-Fredrich William Jensen-One Amazing Day with Papa

Join Fred and his Papa (and his sister and Nana, too!) on their fishing adventure as Papa teaches Fred and his sister how to fish. Fred learns how to bait a fish and when he catches a small one, his Papa teaches him that you should release small fish back into the water. And then something unexpected happens with a cranky goose…

The day ends with Fred retelling the day’s events to his dad. What a perfect way to end a perfect day.


September 10, 2019-Kathy Rose-Finding Your Voice

What’s the cost of NOT being the author of your life? What did it feel like when you stood up for yourself and found your “NO” voice? Have you ever felt sad, angry, frustrated, or powerless? Does it sometimes seem like everyone but you has success in their life?

If you’ve ever felt this way, Claiming Your Voice is for you. It takes shifting your mindset, a little knowledge and, of course, speaking up; these are the keys to creating the life of your dreams.

In Claiming Your Voice, you can expect to learn how to: • Be the author of your life by using your voice
• Change your beliefs to empower yourself
• Invite change and become the hero of your life

• Design the future you desire
• Share your story and inspire change through forgiveness


October 8, 2019-George Araman-The Grey Dance of Love

An enchanting love story, 1 magical formula, 8 characters (you are one of them), 8 tailored love potions to solve all relationship problems and a step by step guide to take you from where you are to where you want to be; The Grey Dance of Love, based on 200+ books and 1200+ articles, an in-depth experiment and the author’s personal experience, is the ultimate reference book for relationships.

Read and discover new and original ideas to get a boost of motivation from 15 Ordinaries that are doing everything needed to transform their lives.


October 22, 2019-Judith Orloff-Thriving as an Empath

Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care Strategies to Empower Sensitive People

If you want tools to put into action, this book is for you. Judith Orloff MD brings you 365 days of inspiration, guidance, self-care strategies, and meditations to flourish and stop absorbing other people’s or the world’s stress — created especially for empaths and all sensitive, caring people.

Deepak Chopra says “this book will help you savor the joy of being alive.”

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