Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality
We are the First Publisher to Implement AR Globally.

Hasmark now has its own app:



AR will change the way you read a book

Have your books come alive with Augmented Reality. This is seriously the coolest thing to happen to books since the Gutenberg Press.

With your device you can have the pages of your book present any digital content that you can think of. You can have videos, audios, written content, web links and buttons to click or tap. If it can exist on a website, then we can create that AR experience for you and your readers.

And here’s the best part …

You can even add AR to any books that you’ve already published.

What can AR do for me?

Your only limited by your imagination. Augmented Reality can add so much value to the experience of your books:

• Imagine using augmented reality to present the audio version of your book
• Add extra video content or a back story in key places within your book
• Use AR to direct traffic to a website, sales page or landing page
• Use AR on business cards, book marks, book covers or any promotional material
• In Children’s books AR can make the pages come alive with an animated video of the actions                                                                                                        • Offer an American Sign Language interpretation of your Children’s book along with an audio narration to make your story accessible to both the blind and deaf communities                                                                                                    • In fiction books you can create alternate endings
• In Recipe books offer alternative ingredients
• In Self-Help books you can direct traffic to your courses
• …. I’m sure you get the idea

How does AR work?

Hasmark Publishing International now has its own app to bring you this awesome value-adding technology for your new books and those that you’ve already published. Yes, even if your book is already published, Augmented Reality (AR) can be added to elevate your book to new heights never before thought possible.

Augmented reality uses, what is called, a marker to trigger the AR app. The marker can be a photo or drawing or sketch or anything that uses a high degree of contrast from the foreground to the background.

Besides on printed paper, where else does AR work?

AR works on any printed surface AND/OR computer screen. If the marker can be printed on a surface or displayed on a device, then the Augmented Reality Experience can be triggered.

• Computer screen
• Kindle reader
• Smart Phone
• Tablet / iPad
• Laptop / Macbook

How much does AR cost?

The answer to that depends on two major factors

1. How many AR experiences you have in your book
2. The duration that these AR experiences will be functional; 1 year, 3 years or 5 years.

Instructions for using  HASMARK AR

With your smartphone, iPad or tablet you can use the Hasmark app to invoke the augmented reality experience to literally read outside the book.

Download HASMARK AR for your smartphone:

1. Notice the spelling: Download the App HASMARK AR from the Apple App Store or Google Play
2. Open and select the option
3. Point your lens at the full image with the and enjoy the augmented reality experience.
Go ahead and try it right now with the Hasmark Publishing International logo.


Go ahead and try it right now with the Hasmark Publishing International logo.



Terms and conditions

Maximum 1,000 views/day 30,000 views per month. $10 premium for additional 500 daily views. AR markers can be reused in unlimited instances.

Prices do not include the following:

• The costs associated with producing AR Content – marker, experience, call to action
• Marker – Creation of application/AR content
• Experience – Production of video and/or editing
• CTA – Sales web page or website
• All content to be provided by author including images
• Addition of images inside book will be an extra charge (author must provide image)
• Marketing material not included
• If your book exists and requires a reflow to add AR there is an additional cost