Publish your Bestseller with us

Do you want to publish a bestseller?

Hasmark will make it happen with you!

We will make your dream of

becoming a Bestseller come true.

We offer personalized publishing packages just for you since every author has different needs, a different book, and different goals.

Complete Solutions for Publication, Marketing and distribution of your bestseller.

Editorial Services
Our professional team of editors will work to preserve your voice and vision while enhancing your original manuscript.

Marketing Services
Tailored marketing plan to increase your online presence to connect your book to the perfect audience.

Distribution Services
Your book will be available across the Amazon network (more than 170 countries), Barnes & Noble, Porchlight Books, and several other bookstores, online retailers, libraries, and academic institutions.

Publish your BESTSELLER

We work so that the author has the book they have dreamed of and not one that fits a single model.

We will create a customized proposal just for you, which may include any or all of the following aspects

✔ Images

✔ iSBN

✔ You own the rights to your book

✔ 100% of the royalties are yours

✔ Distribution to all online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound and available to book stores

✔ Look inside feature on Amazon

✔ Back cover Copy

✔ Professionally design book cover

✔ Copy editing

✔ Proofreading

✔ Augmented Reality – join us in being the 1st in the industry

✔ Image insertions

✔ Paperback

✔ Kindle

✔ Hard cover

✔ Audio book

✔ Endorsements from Bestselling authors in same or similar genres

✔ Create your Author Central Account

✔ Print on demand (no need to purchase inventory)

✔ Invitation to Hasmark’s private Facebook group (to mastermind with like minded authors)

✔ Access to Hasmark’s basecamp repository

✔ Coffee chat access with Industry experts

✔ Author’s completion Certification

✔ Your book displayed in Hasmark’s library

Marketing the Hasmark Way

We offer marketing for your book in the following ways:

Strategy Calls

✔ Goal Setting

✔ Press Release

✔ Media

✔ Interview Video

✔ Promo video

✔ Facebook Live (#FearlessFriday)

✔ Guest Blogger on Hasmark Website

✔ Bestseller Campaign Strategy Calls

✔ Pre-order Strategy

✔ Discuss Bonus Gift Options

✔ About the Author

✔ Book Purchase Link

✔ Social Media Copy

✔ Friends and Family Invitation

✔ Readers Reward Club

✔ Tracking Rankings on Day of Campaign

✔ Screenshots as Proof of Ranking

✔ Bestseller Badge

✔ Place Bestseller Badge on Cover & Upload

✔ Branding the Hasmark Way Expert Branding

✔ Branding Report

✔ Logo

✔ Book’s Sales Web Page

✔ Book Elements & Details


Have you written a book and don’t know what your next step is?

To receive your customized proposal, please send an email to and include a copy of your manuscript to receive a manuscript evaluation by one of the Hasmark team members. Otherwise, we can set up a time to talk about your goal(s) for your book over a call.


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