Your Book Sales Page

Why does my book need its own sales page?


Well, to make money. You obviously make money by selling your book but you can also create a lasting relationship with the buyer that will translate into future sales. And that’s called ‘good marketing’.

Sales Page Content:

Your book’s sale page is your chance to convert a prospect into a customer. If ‘Marketing’ is where you get known, then ‘Sales’ is where you get paid.

Now, first of all, there’s an excellent chance that a visitor on your book’s sales page is genuinely interested in your book – if it’s good enough. The purpose of the sales page is to show them that it is.


First and foremost, the sale page should look professional. You don’t want it to look ‘homemade’.  That first impression will have them stay longer and keep them reading.

Here are the elements to include on your book’s sales page:


A strong benefits-driven headline to make the reader want to know more. This is not the title of your book. This is about the benefits a reader will get from reading your book. For example “Top Ten Must-haves For Your Book’s Killer Sales Page”.


Include a good image of the book’s cover close to the headline.


Have a detailed description of your book. Often such a description might be found on the back cover, which you can expand on. It should be written to entice readers. Here is where you provide more information about the benefits you claimed in the headline.


Include testimonials throughout the web page. Testimonials are social proof that your book delivers what you’re claiming. Including the name and an image of the person giving the testimonial significantly increases the impact of the testimonial.

Purchase Option:

Have [Buttons] and/or links for the reader to purchase your book. Have the link open in a new window and take the reader right to your book’s Amazon sales page. Have the same [Buttons] and/or links in 2 or 3 locations for the reader as they browse down through your book’s web page.


Bonus items and free gifts are a great way to entice potential buyers of your book. However, the quality of your giveaways is far more important than the quantity. None of your bonuses should be crap. They should be somehow relevant to the subject of your book and add value to the buyer’s experience. Even one good bonus gift is better than 100 crappy ones. You can compile a list of bonuses from your own files (such as special reports, activity books, spreadsheet templates, audio recordings, videos etc.), or you can ask peers to contribute a free bonus. Many will be happy to do so as a way for them to get exposure with your audience.

Free Chapter:

Another good idea is to provide a free chapter or Introduction. This should be in PDF format and always include the title page, copyright page, table of contents (for the entire book) and the free content that you’re providing (a chapter or introduction). The first chapter usually makes a good giveaway.

Author’s Bio:

Somewhere down the page you should have your author’s bio and photo. Be sure to include a brief bio so that visitors will get an immediate answer about who you are and why you wrote the book.

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