If you’re an author, Hasmark will transform your book into a new learning experience.

Create a learning space for all places

Share your book’s theme and we’ll do the rest.






– Start with your book

– Choose the subject/theme that represents your book

– Choose the learning kit plan that best suits your educational goals

– Indicate which activities you would like to include in your Learning Kit 

– And leave the rest to Hasmark.

How does it work?

We offer three different types of plans for you to create the one that best fits your strategy.




One Month Kit

  • Includes One Lesson Plan with 4 Lessons and 20 related Activities
  • Planning Calendar
  • Instruction Page
  • PDF of your book.

BONUS: Flash cards, 1 Craft, 1 Physical Activity, Live Reading Tutorial & Theme-related YouTube videos



The Holiday Kit

  • Includes all 10 holidays (designed by country)
  • Includes: 30 Activity Pages
  • Craft x 10
  • Recipe x 10
  • Learning Activity x 10




The Yearly Kit

  • Coming Soon




Some examples of subjects you can choose

Choose the type of kit you want to make

This week only “One Month” and “Holiday Package” from $1,995.00  $1,495.00.

Payment options
Payment options


Why does an author need a learning kit?

What do I do with the learning kit once it is complete?

Who are the kits for?

Can any author have their own learning kit?

Can I have more than one learning kit?

How much can I sell my learning kit for?

Does my book need to be published by Hasmark?

What can I include in my learning kit?

Can my book be electronic?