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No time to post and manage your social media?
We will create your posts, update your social media and make your announcements.

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Content for Social Media.

How we do Social Media Content Management:

  • Content creation for social media;
  • Creation of personalized arts for you;
  • Creation of texts for social networks;
  • Planning of posts on social networks;
  • A weekly or monthly schedule of your posts;

We will create content and make all your posts on Social Networks!




Benefits of social media

The advent and proliferation of Social Media in modern culture has had many benefits on numerous aspects of life, including professional benefits. The professional benefits that arose with Social Media include easier networking, and more visibility and communication, which benefit both the individual and businesses on a professional level. 

  • Increase Connectivity
  • Make friends
  • Sharing your thoughts and feelings
  • Be in touch with the world
  • Unleash your potential
  • Promotional tool
  • Quick sharing of information
  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Unites People from around the world
  • Discover Industry trends
  • Competitor awareness
  • Provide better customer service
  • Appeal to a younger customer
  • Humanize you and your brand

What are the advantages of social branding?

In addition to strengthening your brand, social branding also brings more concrete advantages, such as increased sales. Readers usually buy from those they know and trust, so building a good online relationship is essential.

Knowing your brand and the differentials of the product, book or service you sell, the reader tends to seek you out when they need you.

Social Network Management
Prices and values.

We have the best plans and prices for social networks according to your launch strategy.

Also, adopt a social media management plan!




Social Media Plans and Prices for social media management.

Check below the investment for the first month of support in your social networks. If you would like additional months, please send an email to


Other payment options are available, please contact for more information.


How does the management of paid advertisements work?

The client can make the investment in ads according to his objectives. For example, he can invest CAD50 or CAD1.000 monthly. Or even not invest in a certain month and invest in the next.

What is the minimum contract term?

We believe in long-term relationships, but we usually close a three-month contract, so we can present better results within the partnership.


You can hire as many plans as you wish and we can negotiate the price of each social network hired separately. If the plan you want does not have the appropriate monthly price for your campaign we will create a strategy according to your project.

If I don't like some material, can I request changes?

Yes, our goal is to meet your expectations!
All material is sent for approval, the texts, images, or videos. We will meet all changes, just ask us.

Will I need to make texts or post something?

No. We will make all the texts and all the arts for publication.
But the client will have full access to their social networks and can also make posts, lives and etc.

How does content creation and social media posts work?

The material posted on your social networks will be according to your audience. It can be texts, arts (images), posts from your Blog (articles from your website), and videos. All material posted will be according to the profile of the customer you want to reach, or the social network you want to manage. Each social network has its characteristics. An example is Instagram, which is a social media that works very well with Images and mini videos. Understanding the platform is important to achieve better results.

What are Facebook ADS and Instagram ADS?

Facebook Ads are advertisements served within the Instagram platform itself and Facebooks. We can also link this ad with Instagram in your social media strategy, all within the contracted plan and price.


 Check out the social network management plans and values with the best prices, for you!