I first met Judy in Toronto, and I was determined to get my book out there as soon as possible. I was totally new to this process. Judy and her team did a remarkable job, and kept things moving and educated me along the way. They gave great ideas, helped with which to choose in many situations. They were very impressive and professional. My last Zoom call with Judy and Pashmina was a call I will never forget. It was during the second week of the COVID-19. I had just closed my shop the Friday before, and most of my Amazon store went to a screeching halt since we do not sell much food and we didn’t sell any toilet paper! I have to admit that I was in a bit of a shock, not sure what I should be doing. I just got stuck and couldn’t move any direction. When we all got on the call together, Judy and Pashmina knew right away. I probably had the look of a deer in the headlights. They really talked to me, they new that everyone comes up against that terror barrier at one point or another. They helped me work through it, they were truly helping me like family. I had already fell in love with their team’s attention and expertise. The zoom call is what touched my heart and knew this is my place with Hasmark, they truly are my book family. I would recommend Hasmark Publishing International in a heart beat! Thank you, Ann