“Recently Hasmark Services helped me with the launch of my film, the Cure Is…(YOU). What an incredible experience on so many levels!
Judy O’Brien leads a highly professional organization of passionate people who take every task to the highest level of professionalism. But beyond professionalism is something that is very hard to find in our business world today, PASSION.
There is no value for passion and the results that emanates from putting one’s heart into a project or mission. In the case of Hasmark, I have never witnessed so much passion coming from every aspect of the organization. Passion is the intangible we all look for in whatever we are doing and one thing you can bank on with Hasmark is that everyone’s heart will be in the project.
What I do know is that it so much of it comes from the top down, starting with Judy.  Thank you for the beautiful and inspired work your organization creates!
I am ready for my next campaign!

– David Scharps, Filmmaker