Would you like to learn the secrets of Chinese emperors and Japanese Shoguns, and apply those secrets to transform your life? That is “Mental Feng Shui” for your personal success. Thousands of years ago, Chinese Emperors used Feng Shui to attract abundance and to create dynasty. Feng Shui Masters were treated like national security and treasure, because the enemy could steal the Feng Shui Master to attack the Emperor. Today, you can learn Feng Shui principles and philosophy from this book, and use Feng Shui for prosperity, relationships, and wellness. Good Feng Shui can program your mind for abundance. This book can be a powerful tool for those who do business with Chinese and Japanese clients and business associates, because you will understand Eastern philosophy that has been practiced in Asia, such as Tao and the principles of Yin and Yang.
– Grace Ho, International Bestselling Author