Have you ever wanted to write a book? I bet you have! And I bet you are scared! I was for sure!
And you are stuck forever between having this burning desire to become an author and the fear of not knowing how to start, how to proceed and how to publish!
And all of a sudden you meet your fairy God mother Judy, who in every letter reminds your to “enjoy your journey” and you all of a sudden remember that it’s really a journey that you are supposed to enjoy above all. And then, through ups and downs, you wake up an International best selling author in 5 countries, look back and don’t believe your journey was really full of joy, even though it did not seem that at the moment. But at any given time, you were not alone, you had your team back you up and not let you turn off your real path to become the true you – the Influencer, Author, the Messenger.
And you are happy and grateful to Hasmark and to yourself for having trusted in what the Universe brought you. And you celebrate your success! Thank you!
– Katia Stern, International Bestselling Author