“When inspiration struck and I decided to write a series of interactive novels I had no idea just what was involved. The writing of the book ended up being only a small percentage of the actions required to bring my inspiration to the world. Fortunately I had the good fortune to connect with Hasmark Services. It was only through the efforts of Hasmark’s team of professionals that I was able to launch my interactive series and claim the Best Seller title in just a few short hours and International Best Seller in less than twenty-four hours taking the number 1 position in two categories. Being able to use the title International Best Selling Author or International Best Selling Book not only gives strength and credibility to my promotional efforts, it provides a great sense of satisfaction and appreciation for the accomplishment. I wish that you too will soon experience the joy of seeing the animated look on peoples faces when you are introduced as an International Best Selling Author! Thank you Team Hasmark!”
– R.C. Henningsen, International Bestselling Author