“As a young author who wrote my first novel at age 11 and published it a year later, I am very grateful for Hasmark’s patience and support with the editing and publishing process. I was very particular about how I wrote my story, wanting my voice and my message to come through, and when I had finished I wanted a very polished and beautiful book. The Hasmark staff delivered that. They were so patient in letting me take my time during the editing process to get it just the way I wanted. Then they patiently walked me through the websites on which my book was to be sold, showing me how the Kindle version works, how to track my sales, and how to market my book on Amazon by having them place it in various categories of book genres. They gave me so much advice, and it was a wonderful experience. When I finally saw my book online for sale and received my long-anticipated copies of it, after all the work writing it and the great teamwork, it was a thrilling experience to have this accomplishment of becoming an author and to hold the book in my hands. The printing, including the color of the illustrations I had submitted, came out great. Thank you so much, Hasmark, for helping me in my journey as a published author! I am very grateful for the work you do.”
Ariana Chung (11 years old) – The Trials of Kiara Richards