“When I was inspired to write my first children’s book, Hasmark Publishing International came to my life to help me to turn my dream into reality.  I could not have asked for a better company to publish my book. One of my MANY favorite things about Hasmark is that they were so encouraging, positive and KIND even from the very beginning with my first incomplete, unedited and unorganized manuscript.  Their energy was so soothing, gentle and incredibly helpful. They encouraged me to dream bigger than I can imagine while I enjoy the journey.  I took their advice to heart and I enjoyed every moment of it and am forever grateful for becoming an International Bestselling Author.  Hasmark is truly your best friend and supporter if you want to be a published author.  Whatever you need, they have it all for you.  I feel very blessed to have this group of talented, caring, loving and gifted people in my life.”

Misun Hifumi – I’M In PoWeR A Journey To Discover Who We Are