“It’s been a wild ride. Thank you, Hasmark, for your incredible collaboration to reach this point. I thought I’d share my affirmation of the last year. ‘I’m so happy and grateful now that my children’s book, Architect of Dreams, is publishing into the world with power & positive impact. Architect of Dreams is beautifully written & gorgeously illustrated. It is an international bestseller, and is flying off shelves!’ It all seemed so impossible then. Bob Proctor said on a call to “set a goal so big that in the process you grow into the person capable of achieving it.” The learning on this journey has been truly transformational for me. That is not hyperbole. I am a different person now than a year ago in terms of belief, mindset, and skill set for so many different things! AND I am an international best selling children’s author! Just saying that gives me chills.

Thank you for your hard work on my behalf. My success is your success. Thank you Hasmark for your incredible commitment, expertise, and passion.”

Renea Bartlett – Architect of Dreams