“Hasmark Publishing International brought my dream to life. For decades I had desired to become a published author, improving the lives of others through my experience in hypnotherapeutic language. Judy and her incredible team of #1 experts listened attentively to my goal. Each member has a different skillset. They shared not only encouragement, support, guidance and love, but an impeccable and unwavering determination to help me to succeed. Passionate expertise based on their own experiences around Amazon categories, was key, along with how to pitch and market my book. Their ideas quickly aligned with my goals and amazingly, within around 12 hours of launch I was declared an Amazon International Best Seller. For me it’s a life-changing achievement, for them, it’s just what they do … and do so well. I am so happy and I’m so thankful for this opportunity”

                                                                            Tina Heath – Slim For Life