“In 2016, I wrote my first book and had the good fortune of being connected with Hasmark Publishing International to guide me through the process of publication. That book became an Amazon International Best Seller, but the process is what I remember most. The team at Hasmark was great and professional and made me confident and comfortable the entire way.

For these reasons, I decided to work with Hasmark Publishing to do my second book in 2022. As good as they were six years earlier, the team at Hasmark really stepped up their “game” and the experience the second time around was even better. The effort and attention I received was beyond any expectation. The products and services to brand and market me and my book are things that I will use for a long time, well past my launch date. My second book was also an international best seller on Amazon and was the #1 new release in three categories. Whether you’re a first-time author or an experienced writer, I highly recommend joining forces with Hasmark Publishing to help you write and launch the best book possible. I look forward to working with them again”

Mike Lerario – Management In Balance