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Professional Publishing Services

Have you got a manuscript? We would love to have a look at it…

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Is Your Book a

It can be...

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Augmented Reality
The 1st Publisher to Implement AR Globally
AR will change the way you read a book
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Author Coaching
We offer Coaching for you to
Become the Complete Author
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Your book; your profit; your success
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Hearts To Be Heard
Giving a voice to heart-felt creativity for those who otherwise would not be heard
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Quality first

Why choose us

Hasmark is about helping our authors connect with Readers’ hearts and souls

We bring a diverse and international wealth of Publishing, Marketing, and Branding knowledge & experience to you. Our goal is to shine a light on your book and create the legacy you have dreamed about.

Send Us Your Manuscript

Submit your manuscript to our very capable staff and we will provide a personalized and professional proposal designed to optimize your potential for becoming a bestseller and maximizing your readership.

Meet Our Founder

Judy O’Beirn

Judy O’Beirn, President and Founder has spent more than 10 years helping hundreds of authors become bestsellers. She has become an author and Creator of a book series titled ‘Unwavering Strength’.

Contact Judy at


Hasmark has the capability to do any level of editing, cover design, proof reading, layout in paperback & kindle, and publish.  To set up a free Publishing consultation please contact us

Augmented Reality

Join us in being the first in the Industry Augmented Reality is a technology that has the reader experience the book coming alive. Using a cell phone (or other devices), the reader can invoke additional content from the book in the form of video or other media. It also invokes a call to action, taking the reader to your website or sales page.

Marketing and Branding

At Hasmark, our international team of marketing experts will help guide you through your entire marketing journey! Ranging from branding, social media management, to website development, our team is excited to fulfill all your marketing needs.

Bestseller Programs

Bestsellers is what we do. In fact, it separates us from the herd. 100% of authors who signed up with Hasmark to be bestsellers – were successful! As an author, being a bestseller adds significantly to your credibility.

Print on Demand

Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology  in which book copies (or other documents) are not printed until the company receives an order, allowing prints of single or small quantities.

Website Solutions

Should I have a website? Absolutely YES! People may offer different reasons for having a website, but at the top of the list is ‘to make money’. Your author site is a marketing tool. Marketing is how you get known. Selling is how you get paid.

Hasmark Publishing International

Committed to Success Since 2009


Hasmark stands for Heart And Soul of Marketing

The Hasmark Annual Award of Excellence is an annual award presented to one of our authors who shows a willingness to learn, think innovatively & in creative ways to market their books. These authors become international Bestsellers and are wonderful role models within the Hasmark book family.



International Bestsellers

Success Stories:  Marci Shimoff