The moment that I met Judy O’Beirn and Pashmina Pash, I became a part of their amazing Hasmark family. Hasmark stands for ‘heart and soul’, and they have oodles of that! They believed in me, and in Twigs, from the start, and their enthusiasm for my vision gave me the momentum and confidence to crash through the terror barrier that all new authors face on their journey to publication. With Judy holding one hand, and Pashmina the other, and with the whole incredible Hasmark team right behind me, I have been guided expertly through the entire process from the start. They picked me up when I wobbled, and I have learned, with their support, to put my imposter syndrome to bed. They have introduced me to the world of interviews and marketing videos where I have been pushed way beyond my comfort zone! But, what a rewarding experience as I see myself grow as a person and as an author. I can’t recommend this top-class team enough to anyone out there wanting to take the first step in becoming a published author. Broken Twigs has entered the best-seller world in the UK, USA, Canada and Spain, and for that I am eternally grateful to Hasmark Publishing International. Their commitment to me and to my book series has been unwavering, and I know that this is only the beginning for me and Twigs because their mantra is ‘book family for life’. So, go on! Take that deep breath, a moment to reflect that you are good enough and that your story is worth sharing…and then, leap!

– Charlie Taylor

International Bestselling Author of Broken Twigs: Farewell to Faerie Forest