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I started off as a 7-year-old angel and now I have, what feels like a lifetime later, published my first professional book, Walk Tall, with Hashmark Publishing. It was not hard because everything already lived in my head…

When is it time to write a book? Is it time when you feel that you have so much inside of your head that you want to share it with others? Is it time when your head feels like it is about to explode with ideas? Is it time when you are reflecting over what you have gone through and you know you have a story to tell?

How do you do it? Hasmark Publishing is a great partner when you don´t possess the knowledge for the process of creating a book. They will guide you through it.

I wrote the self-help guidebook Walk Tall in a week, but it was actually written over a few years inside of my head.

It was building up when I first practiced the ideas in real life situations and realized that they worked.

This is the reason why I have to share my book with the world:  these practices really work! The people around me are using them successfully and it is so wonderful to see!

The models in Walk Tall have been created to give people the tools that they need but that they cannot find. Walk Tall is so simple and accessible that it can reach everyone. I have invented and tried out these practices and created these tools that have become models for anyone to use. The difference between my book and some of the other books in the self-help genre is that the Walk Tall models have already been tested and used by real people and they work!

Putting words on paper and bringing practices to life is an easy process for me. I do it in all areas of my life. The hard thing for me is to cooperate with other people and make them work at the same pace as I do, as well as with the same accuracy. I want it all – and I want it now! Patience is something I practice every day, but sometimes it is also about my work ethic. This is why I try to surround myself with people that are very driven. It is very important to surround yourself with people that have the same drive and want similar things as you.

It is also important to always work to inspire people. This is imperative for you as an author. If you decide to inspire someone every single day, whether you know this person or not, a positive energy will build up inside of you in a magical way. And believe me, you need energy! So, inspire people to keep on inspiring others, and encourage them to take that extra step into the unknown! It will all come back to you, and we call that good karma.

So what am I doing right now? My next book is on it’s way. This time, I am transferring innovative marketing models from my head down on to paper. I will be sharing the work I have done with CEOs, creating strategies to accelerate the products to the market and more! The book will be called Championship Marketing and I aim to inspire!

Until then – much love.


Ki Is Your Host

About the Author

Ki is Your Host (Ki) is a Swedish marketing strategist and developer. She started her career at the age of 7 in a Swedish radio show where she played the part of an angel. At the age of 12, she wrote her first story of more than 200 pages and contacted one of the largest publishers. They did not print the book because it was not good enough but they started to read her material and provide advice on her writing skills. The relationship continued until Ki became an athlete and later on a musician. By traveling around the world, working with refugees and people in need and having close relationships with various CEOs that took her marketing advice, Ki decided to write again. She wanted to write down the models and processes that she had created to help people and companies on her journey – real life models that really work. Everyone that practices her models with discipline gain something from them, and now Ki´s first guide book to build self confidence is here – Walk Tall.


Ki went to university in Europe and has a diploma in marketing strategy. She has leadership courses at the Swedish Military Academy and a certificate from Trainers Academy as a Physical Strength Trainer.