—-  As a debut Author, I feel like one might have a lot of questions in mind, a lot of apprehensions regarding embarking on this journey for the first time. It becomes imperative to tread this path with one who knows it very well. I can for sure guarantee that Hasmark is your best guide. They will not only walk along with you till the very end but beyond that, they will be your expert guide and co-traveler in this journey.

The journey becomes enjoyable, satisfying and fruitful.

—  In the publishing world, I can find no better name then Hasmark Publishing International. They work like a family having a long standing legacy and heritage, and are humble in their approach.

I thoroughly cherished my debut book being published and earning a best seller status in various categories across the world. If you wish your book to travel International and across various countries, then I cannot think of any other name!

Sandeep Agarwal